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An immutable column data structure consisting of a field (type metadata) and a chunked data array.


Copy a column

const typedArray = column.slice();

Get a contiguous typed array from a Column (creates a new typed array unless only one chunk)

const typedArray = column.toArray();

columns are iterable

let max = column.get(0);
let min = max;
for (const value of column) {
  if      (value > max) max = value;
  else if (value < min) min = value;


Column extends Chunked


In addition to fields inherited from Chunked, Colum also defines

name : String

The name of the column (short for

field : Field

Returns the Field instance that describes for the column.


constructor(field : Field, vectors: Vector, offsets?: Uint32Array)


Returns a new Column instance with the same properties.

getChildAt(index : Number) : Vector

Returns the Vector that contains the element with