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The combination of a field name and data type, with optional metadata. Fields are used to describe the individual constituents of a nested DataType or a Schema.


name : String (read only)

The name of this field.

type : Type (read only)

The type of this field.

nullable : Boolean (read only)

Whether this field can contain null values, in addition to values of Type (this creates an extra null value map).

metadata : Object | null (read only)

A field's metadata is represented by a map which holds arbitrary key-value pairs. Returns null if no metadata has been set.

typeId : ?


indices : ?

TBD? Used if data type is a dictionary.


constructor(name : String, nullable?: Boolean, metadata?: Object)

Creates an instance of Field with parameters initialized as follows:

  • name - Name of the column
  • nullable=false - Whether a null-array is maintained.
  • metadata=null - Map of metadata