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A Record Batch in Apache Arrow is a collection of equal-length array instances.


A record batch can be created from this list of arrays using RecordBatch.from:

const data = [
  new Array([1, 2, 3, 4]),
  new Array(['foo', 'bar', 'baz', None]),
  new Array([True, None, False, True])

const recordBatch = RecordBatch.from(arrays);


RecordBatch extends StructVector extends BaseVector


schema : Schema (readonly)

Returns the schema of the data in the record batch

numCols : Number (readonly)

Returns number of fields/columns in the schema (shorthand for this.schema.fields.length).

Static Methods

RecordBatch.from(vectors: Array, names: String[] = []) : RecordBatch

Creates a RecordBatch, see Array, names: String[] = []) : RecordBatch

Creates new a record batch.

Schema is auto inferred, using names or index positions if names are not supplied.


constructor(schema: Schema, numRows: Number, childData: (Data | Vector)[])

Create a new RecordBatch instance with numRows rows of child data.

  • numRows -
  • childData -

constructor(schema: Schema, data: Data, children?: Vector[])

Create a new RecordBatch instance with numRows rows of child data.

constructor(...args: any[])

clone(data: Data, children?: Array) : RecordBatch

Returns a newly allocated copy of this RecordBatch

concat(...others: Vector[]) : Table

Concatenates a number of Vector instances.

select(...columnNames: K[]) : RecordBatch

Return a new RecordBatch with a subset of columns.