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What's New

v1.2 (In Development, alpha/beta releases available)

Release Date: Aug 8, 2019

  • File Type Auto Detection now supports binary files
  • Fixed TextEncoder warnings
  • Improved Node 8 support
  • Image file extensions now added to loader object
  • Generate default sampler parameters if none provided in gltf file EXPERIMENTAL

  • Support for dynamic traversal of 3D tilesets (automatically loads and unloads tiles based on viewer position and view frustum).
  • Support for loading tilesets from Cesium ION servers.
  • Asynchronous tileset loading
  • Auto centering of view based on tileset bounding volumes
  • Tile3DLayer class provided in examples.


Release Date: May 30, 2019

  • fetchFile function - Can now read browser File objects (from drag and drop or file selection dialogs).
  • isImage(arrayBuffer [, mimeType]) function ENHANCED - can now accept a MIME type as second argument.

  • getImageMIMEType(arrayBuffer) function NEW - returns the MIME type of the image in the supplied ArrayBuffer.
  • isImage(arrayBuffer [, mimeType]) function ENHANCED - can now accept a MIME type as second argument.

The glTF module has been refactored with the aim of simplifying the loaded data and orthogonalizing the API, as well as allowing 'embedded' GLB data inside other binary formats to be parsed (e.g. the glTF parser can now extract embedded glTF inside 3D tile files).

  • GLTFScenegraph class NEW - A helper class that provides methods for structured access to and modification/creation of glTF data.
  • postProcessGLTF function NEW - Function that performs a set of transformations on loaded glTF data that simplify application processing.
  • GLBLoader/[GLBWriter] NEW - loader/writer pair that enables loading/saving custom (non-glTF) data in the binary GLB format.
  • GLTFLoader, letting application separately handle post-processing etc. NEW MODULE

  • Support for the 3D tiles format is being developed in the new module.
  • Loading of individual point cloud tiles, including support for Draco compression and compact color formats such as RGB565 is supported. NEW MODULE

Node support now requires importing before use. This reduces the number of dependencies, bundle size and potential build complications when using other modules when not using Node.js support. NEW MODULE

Helper functions for loaders have been broken out from Individual loaders no longer depend but only on


Release Date: April 2019

  • First Official Release