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Extends from Tiles3DLoader, inherits all the options and share the same resolved Tileset and Tile format. Along with the support of resolving tileset metadata and authorization from Cesium ion server.

Parse 3D tile fetched from Cesium ion server.


Load a tileset file from Cesium ion server.

import {load} from '';
import {CesiumIonLoader} from '';
const tilesetUrl = '';
const ION_ACCESS_TOKEN = ''; // your own ion access token

const options = {ion: {loadGLTF: true}};
// resolve the authorizations used for requesting tiles from Cesium ion server
const metadata = CesiumIonLoader.preload(tilesetUrl, {accessToken: ION_ACCESS_TOKEN});
const tilesetJson = await load(tilesetUrl, CesiumIonLoader, {...options, ...metadata});


Inherit all the options from Tiles3DLoader.

['cesium-ion'].isTilesetBoolfalseWhether to load a Tileset file. If not specifies, will infer based on url extension.
['cesium-ion'].headersObjectnullUsed to load data from server

To enable parsing of DRACO compressed point clouds and glTF tiles, make sure to first register the DracoLoader.

Point cloud tie options

['cesium-ion'].decodeQuantizedPositionBooleanfalsePre-decode quantized position on CPU

For i3dm and b3dm tiles:

['cesium-ion'].loadGLTFBooleantrueFetch and parse any linked glTF files

If options['cesium-ion'].loadGLTF is true, GLTF loading can be controlled by providing GLTFLoader options via the options.gltf sub options.

Data formats

The same as Tiles3DLoader.