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Parses a 3D tile.

File Extensions.b3dm,.i3dm, .pnts, .cmpt
File TypeBinary (with linked assets)
File FormatglTF
Data FormatScenegraph
Decoder TypeSynchronous (limited), Asynchronous
Worker Thread SupportNo
Streaming SupportNo *

* Streaming is not supported for invididual tiles, however tilesets are streamed by loading only the tiles needed for the current view.


import {load} from '';
import {Tile3DLoader} from '';
const gltf = await load(url, Tile3DLoader);

To decompress tiles containing Draco compressed glTF models or Draco compressed point clouds:

import {load} from '';
import {Tile3DLoader} from '';
import {DracoLoader} from '';
const gltf = await load(url, Tile3DLoader, {DracoLoader, decompress: true});


Point cloud options


glTF tile options

DracoLoaderDracoLoadernullSupply to enable decoding of Draco compressed meshes.
fetchLinkedResourcesBooleantrueFetch any linked .BIN files, decode base64 encoded URIS. Only supported in asynchronous parsing.
fetchFunctionfetchFunction used to fetch linked resources.
decompressBooleantrueDecompress Draco compressed meshes (if DracoLoader available).
postProcessBooleanfalsePerform additional post processing to simplify use in WebGL libraries.
createImagesBooleanfalseCreate image objects from loaded image data.

Notes about Tile Types

b3dm, i3dm

glTF file into a hirearchical scenegraph description that can be used to instantiate an actual Scenegraph in most WebGL libraries. Can load both binary .glb files and JSON .gltf files.