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This functions parse data. As important special cases, the async parse function can also load (and then parse) data from a fetch (or fetchFile) Response object, and the streaming parseInBatches version can parse incrementally from a stream as data arrives.


The return value from fetch or fetchFile is a Promise that resolves to the fetch Response object and can be passed directly to the non-sync parser functions:

import {fetchFile, parse} from '';
import {OBJLoader} from '';

data = await parse(fetchFile(url), OBJLoader);
// Application code here

Batched (streaming) parsing is supported by some loaders

import {fetchFile, parseInBatches} from '';
import {CSVLoader} from '';

const batchIterator = await parseInBatches(fetchFile(url), CSVLoader);
for await (const batch of batchIterator) {

Handling errors

try {
  const response = await fetch(url); // fetch can throw in case of network errors
  const data = await parse(response); // parse will throw if server reports an error
} catch (error) {


parse(data : ArrayBuffer | String, loaders : Object | Object[] [, options : Object [, url : String]]) : Promise.Any

parse(data : ArrayBuffer | String, [, options : Object [, url : String]]) : Promise.Any

Parses data asynchronously either using the provided loader or loaders, or using the pre-registered loaders (see register-loaders).

  • data: loaded data or an object that allows data to be loaded. This parameter can be any of the following types:

    • Response - response object returned by fetchFile or fetch.
    • ArrayBuffer - Parse from binary data in an array buffer
    • String - Parse from text data in a string. (Only works for loaders that support textual input).
    • Iterator - Iterator that yeilds binary (ArrayBuffer) chunks or string chunks (string chunks only work for loaders that support textual input).
    • AsyncIterator - iterator that yeilds promises that resolve to binary (ArrayBuffer) chunks or string chunks.
    • ReadableStream - A DOM or Node stream.
    • File - A browser file object (from drag-and-drop or file selection operations).
    • Promise - A promise that resolves to any of the other supported data types can also be supplied.
  • loaders - can be a single loader or an array of loaders. If ommitted, will use the list of pre-registered loaders (see registerLoaders)
  • options: optional, options for the loader (see documentation of the specific loader).
  • url: optional, assists in the autoselection of a loader if multiple loaders are supplied to loader.


  • options.log=console Any object with methods log, info, warn and error. By default set to console. Setting log to null will turn off logging.


  • Return value depends on the loader object category


  • If multiple loaders are provided (or pre-registered), an attempt will be made to autodetect which loader is appropriate for the file (using url extension and header matching).