Chevron DownAPI Reference

The module handles tabular data stored in the JSON file format.


npm install

Loaders and Writers


Additional APIs

See table category.

Module Roadmap

General Improvements

Error messages: JSON.parse tends to have unhelpful error messages

Support Streaming JSON Formats

Autodetection of streaming JSON

A number of hints can be used to determine if the data is formatted using a streaming JSON format

  • if the filename extension is .jsonl
  • if the MIMETYPE is application/json-seq
  • if the first value in the file is a number, assume the file is length prefixed.

For data in non-streaming JSON format, the presence of a top-level array will start streaming of objects.

For embedded arrays, a path specifier may need to be supplied (or could look for first array).

MIME Types and File Extensions

FormatExtensionMIME Media Type RFC4288
Standard JSON.jsonapplication/json
Line-delimited JSON.jsonl-
NewLine delimited JSON.ndjsonapplication/x-ndjson
Record separator-delimited JSON-application/json-seq