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I3SConverter class


The I3SConverter class converts a 3D Tiles tileset to I3S layer.


import {I3SConverter} from '';

const converter = new I3SConverter();
const tilesetJson = await converter.convert({
  inputUrl: TILESET_URL,
  outputPath: 'data',
  tilesetName: 'BatchedColors'

// The converted tiles are written to the specified output path
const rootTileJson = await fs.readFile('data/BatchedColors/layers/0/nodes/root/index.json', 'utf8');



Constructs a new I3SConverter instance.

convert(options: object): object

Converts a tileset to I3S format

  • options.inputUrl the url to read the tileset from
  • options.outputPath the output filename
  • options.tilesetName the output name of the tileset
  • options.maxDepth The max tree depth of conversion
  • options.slpk Whether the resulting layer be saved as "*.slpk" package
  • options.sevenZipExe Windows only. The path of 7-zip archiver tool for creating "*.slpk" file
  • options.egmFilePath location of *.pgm file to convert heights from ellipsoidal to gravity-related format. A model file can be loaded from GeographicLib
  • options.token ION token of input tileset
  • options.draco Whether the converter create DRACO compressed geometry in path "layers/0/nodes/xxx/geometries/1" along with non-compressed geometry in path "layers/0/nodes/xxx/geometries/0"
  • options.validate Enable Validation


By specifying the --validate parameter, the tile-converter will perform checks on the tileset data. The following checks are performed:

  • Bounding volume validation
  • Refinement type validation