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Tile converter bundle script


The converter can be run with autonomous script. It might be helpful for users which are not experienced in npm/yarn tools. All what they have to have to run conversion is a built script (converter.min.js) and NodeJS. If making *.slpk is necessary, a zip archiver is "must have" as well. The "bundle script" is good options for fast and easy destribution of the converter.

  1. Create bundle:
cd modules/tile-converter
yarn build-converter-bundle

This command generates bundle into "modules/cli/dist/converter.min.js"

  1. Take "converter.min.js". It can be run on Ubuntu and Windows as autonomous script;

  2. Install default Earth Gravity Model (egm2008-5):

node converter.min.js --install-dependencies

You can use custom Earth Gravity Model using --egm option.

  1. Check out cli options: node converter.min.js --help

  2. Example:

node converter.min.js --input-type 3dtiles --tileset ../Frankfurt-3d-tiles/cesiumJpg/tileset.json --name Frankfurt_completed_bundle --output data --max-depth 6 --slpk
  1. Requirements:
  • NodeJs;
  • External archiver (for slpk mode):
    • Ubuntu: apt install zip
    • Windows: 7-Zip. Default 7-zip location is "C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe" but there is option "--7zExe" that can be used for setup "7z.exe" location manualy.