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Apache Arrow JavaScript API Reference

This documentation reflects Arrow JS v4.0. Needs to be updated for the new Arrow API in v9.0 +.

Class List

TODO - This is a class list from the C++ docs, it has only been partially updated to match JS API

ArrayArray base type Immutable data array with some logical type and some length
ArrayDataMutable container for generic Arrow array data
BinaryArrayConcrete Array class for variable-size binary data
BooleanArrayConcrete Array class for boolean data
BufferObject containing a pointer to a piece of contiguous memory with a particular size
ChunkedArrayA data structure managing a list of primitive Arrow arrays logically as one large array
ColumnAn immutable column data structure consisting of a field (type metadata) and a chunked data array
Decimal128Represents a signed 128-bit integer in two's complement
Decimal128ArrayConcrete Array class for 128-bit decimal data
DictionaryArrayConcrete Array class for dictionary data
FieldThe combination of a field name and data type, with optional metadata
FixedSizeBinaryArrayConcrete Array class for fixed-size binary data
FixedWidthTypeBase class for all fixed-width data types
FlatArrayBase class for non-nested arrays
FloatingPointBase class for all floating-point data types
Int16TypeConcrete type class for signed 16-bit integer data
Int32TypeConcrete type class for signed 32-bit integer data
Int64TypeConcrete type class for signed 64-bit integer data
Int8TypeConcrete type class for signed 8-bit integer data
IntegerBase class for all integral data types
ListArrayConcrete Array class for list data
ListTypeConcrete type class for list data
NullArrayDegenerate null type Array
NullTypeConcrete type class for always-null data
NumberBase class for all numeric data types
PrimitiveArrayBase class for arrays of fixed-size logical types
RecordBatchCollection of equal-length arrays matching a particular Schema
RecordBatchReaderAbstract interface for reading stream of record batches
SchemaSequence of arrow::Field objects describing the columns of a record batch or table data structure
StringArrayConcrete Array class for variable-size string ( utf-8) data
StructArrayConcrete Array class for struct data
TableLogical table as sequence of chunked arrays
TableBatchReaderCompute a sequence of record batches from a ( possibly chunked) Table
UnionArrayConcrete Array class for union data