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The ImageWriter class can encode an image into ArrayBuffer both under browser and Node.js

File Extension.png, .jpg, .jpeg
File TypeBinary
Data FormatImageBitmap, Image or "image data"
File FormatJPEG, PNG, ...
Encoder TypeAsynchronous
Worker ThreadNo (but may run on separate native thread in browsers)


import ''; // only if using under Node
import {ImageWriter} from '';
import {encode} from '';

const image = new Image(...);
const arrayBuffer = await encode(image, ImageWriter, {image: {mimeType: 'image/jpeg'}});
fs.writeFileSync('shiny-new-image.jpg', arrayBuffer);

Data Format

The ImageWriter can encode three different in-memory Image representations into binary image representation (such as JPEG or PNG images) that can then be be saved or uploaded,

The supported image types are:

  • ImageBitmap- Optimized image class on modern browsers.
  • Image - Works on all browsers, less performant.
  • "image data object" - an ImageData like object that hold the raw decoded bytes of an image. Works in both browsers and Node.js.


image.mimeTypestring'image/png'image output format
image.jpegQuality`numbernull`image/jpeg: 0.92, image/webp: 0.80
Image quality, between 0-1. Only applies to image/jpeg and image/webp.


  • Supported image types (MIME types) depend on the browser / environment. As a rule, image/png and image/jpeg are always supported. (Unfortunately it is not currently clear how to determine what formats are available on any given browser, other than "trial and error").
  • jpegQuality argument is not supported on all platforms (in which case it is assumed to have reasonable but platform-dependent defaults).
  • The ImageWriter currently uses canvas.toBlob() on browsers, so referring to related documentation might be helpful.