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Supported features

The tile-converter is capable to convert 3D tiles data of formats 3DTiles and I3S. Both 3DTiles and I3S are wide specifications which include many internal formats and data types. The tile-converter doesn't cover all features described in those specifications. This sheet summarises the compatibility of the tile-converter with different parts and features of 3DTiles and I3S.

Layer types

SpecificationLayer typeStatus
I3S3D objectsSupported
I3SIntegrated meshSupported
I3SPointNot supported
I3SPoint cloudNot supported
I3SBuilding scene layerIt is possible to convert a single sublayer (if it is of 3D objects of Integrated mesh layer type)
3DTilesBatched 3D ModelSupported
3DTilesInstanced 3D ModelNot supported
3DTilesPoint CloudNot supported
3DTilesCompositeNot supported

Input data source types

SpecificationData source typeStatus
I3SSLPKSupported as local HTTP service
I3SHTTP REST serviceSupported
3DTilesLocal file system folderSupported
3DTilesCesium ION URLSupported


I3S1.6, 1.7Supported only as input data
3DTilesvNextPartial support (see 3DTiles vNext support)
3DTiles1.1In progress

3DTiles vNext support

Some 3DTiles vNext extensions are supported as input data.

Belongs toExtensionStatus
3DTiles3DTILES_multiple_contentsNot supported
3DTIles3DTILES_metadataNot applicable for I3S

Internal data types

SpecificationData typeDescriptionStatus
I3SDracoCompressed geometrySupported
3DTiles (glTF)KHR_draco_mesh_compressionDraco Compressed geometrySupported as input
3DTiles (glTF)EXT_meshopt_compressionOptimized geometrySupported as input
3DTiles (glTF)KHR_texture_transformUV coordinates transformationSupported as input
I3S, 3DTilesPNG, JPEGTexture formatsSupported
I3SKTX2 with Basis textureCompressed texture formatSupported
I3SDDSCompressed texture formatSupported as input
3DTIlesKTX2 with Basis textureCompressed texture formatSupported as input

Mesh topology types

I3S specification supports only TRIANGLE mesh topology type.

SpecificationMesh typeStatus
3DTilesPOINTSNot applicable in I3S
3DTilesLINESNot applicable in I3S
3DTilesLINE_LOOPNot applicable in I3S
3DTilesLINE_STRIPNot applicable in I3S
3DTilesTRIANGLE_STRIPSupported as input
3DTilesTRIANGLE_FANNot supported