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Upgrade Guide

Unfortunately for JavaScript users, Apache Arrow JS does not publish detailed ugrade guides notes beyond the common Apache Arrow release notes.

Also Apache Arrow JS follows a common cross-language versioning number scheme which leads to frequent major release bumps, that confusingly do not contain any significant JavaScript changes (sometimes a major version bump has no JavaScript changes at all).

The biggest changes were made in Apache Arrow JS Version 9.0 (based on feedback from users).

Upgrading to v15.0

  • No significant changes in Apache Arrow JS

Upgrading to v14.0

  • No significant changes in Apache Arrow JS

Upgrading to v13.0

  • Under the hood, Apache Arrow JS removed "big int" fallback handling (big ints are now supported by all current browsers and Node.js versions).

Upgrading to v12.0

  • Bug found: Can break table reads in rare cases, e.g when dicts have big int keys.

Upgrading to v11.0

  • No significant changes in Apache Arrow JS

Upgrading to v10.0

  • No significant changes in Apache Arrow JS

Upgrading to v7.0 / v8.0 / v9.0

In case it is helpful, changes made to can be found in this PR

These releases made a series of breaking changes to Apache Arrow JS to transform it into a lean, tree-shakeable "core" library.

The good news is that Apache Arrow v9.0 resolves a big concern around the size of the ArrowJS library. The size issue was creating resistance against full-scale Arrow JS adoption in some code bases. For instance, in, even trivial usage of the ArrowLoader would lead to ~250KB of Apache Arrow dependencies being bundled before v9.0.

The downside is that upgrading through Arrow JS v7.0-v9.0 tends to require a big effort for most older applications. This is made more difficult since Apache Arrow does not have good release notes. The following are observations from upgrading applications:

Removed core classes

Removed FeatureAlternativeComment
Column classVector classThe Vector class now supports chunking, removing the need for a Column class.

Removed static constructors

Removed FeatureAlternativeComment
Data static factory methodsmakeData() functionReferencing the Data class doesn't automatically pull in static constructor code.
Column static factory methodsmakeVector() function
Table static factory methodsmakeTable() function
Schema static factory methodsmakeSchema() function

DataFrame removal - A number of pre-9.0 features didn’t really fit into Arrow core functionality. These features were really a library on top of Arrow, and in the trade-off of keeping the Arrow JS core lean, they were removed.

Removed FeatureAlternativeComment
DataFrameN/ASee below
FilteredDataFrameN/ASee below
PredicatesN/ASee below
Table.filterN/ASee below

While there are no alternatives for the removed features inside Apache Arrow JS v9.0+, applications can implement similar logic on top of Arrow JS. There are also high-quality independent libraries such as Arquero that provide support for filtering and processing of Arrow JS tables.

Finally, in case it is helpful, changes made to can be found in this PR

Upgrading to v6.0 and earlier

Unfortunately we don't have any notes for these releases.