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Node.js support

Firstly, to run on Node.js you want to import the module.

Also it is good to understand that avoids using Node.js specific APIs (such as Buffer, path, util, fs, streams etc) instead favoring browser compatible equivalents. is optimized for cross-platform compatible APIs.

However, if your goal is to write Node.js-idiomatic code rather than browser-portable code, you may find that working with can require some extra work.


To install these polyfills, just import the polyfills module before start using

import '';
import {parse} from '';

Combining with other Polyfills only installs polyfills if the corresponding global symbol is undefined. This means that if another polyfill is already installed when is imported, the other polyfill will remain in effect. Since most polyfill libraries work this way, applications can mix and match polyfills by ordering the polyfill import statements appropriately (but see the remarks below for a possible caveat).

Provided Polyfills

See API Reference.