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SLPK extractor

From-v4.0npm version

SLPK extractor is utility that helps to extract slpk to a dataset that can be served via i3s-server


The slpk-extractor is published as a part of

Create a new folder:

mkdir tmp
cd tmp

Install package:

npm i


Extract .slpk to the ./data folder:

npx slpk-extractor --tileset="./path/to/the/file.slpk" --output="./data//SceneServer/layers/0"

Then you can start serving dataset

Start HTTP server

PORT=8080 HTTPS_PORT=4443 I3sLayerPath="./data" DEBUG=i3s-server:* npx i3s-server

The layer should be available on URLs

  • http://localhost:8080/SceneServer/layers/0
  • https://localhost:4443/SceneServer/layers/0

Open in ArcGIS

Open in I3S Explorer