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Streaming loader for NDJSON encoded files and related formats (LDJSON and JSONL).

File Extension.ndjson, .jsonl, .ldjson
Media Typeapplication/x-ndjson, application/x-ldjson, application/json-seq
File TypeText
File FormatNDJSON, [LDJSON][format_], [][format_]
Data FormatClassic Table
Supported APIsload, parse, parseSync, parseInBatches


import {NDJSONLoader} from '';
import {load} from '';

const data = await load(url, NDJSONLoader, {ndjson: options});

The NDJSONLoader supports streaming NDJSON parsing, in which case it will yield "batches" of rows, where each row is a parsed line from the NDJSON stream.

import {NDJSONLoader} from '';
import {loadInBatches} from '';

const batches = await loadInBatches('ndjson.ndjson', NDJSONLoader);

for await (const batch of batches) {
// will contain a number of rows
for (const obj of {
// Process obj

Data Format

Parsed batches are of the format.

// standard batch payload
data: any[] | any;
bytesUsed: number;
batchCount: number;

Each element in the data array corresponds to a line (Object) in the NDJSON data.


Supports the table category options such as batchSize.