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The Tile3D class is used internally by Tileset3D class to manage loading/unloading tiles.


new Tile3D(tileset, header, parentHeader);


  • tileset (Tileset3D) - Tileset3D instance which contains this tile
  • header (Tile3D) - Tile3D instance
  • parentHeader (Tile3D) - Tile3D instance of parent tile


boundingVolume (BoundingVolume)

A bounding volume that encloses a tile or its content. Exactly one box, region, or sphere property is required. (Reference)

id (Number|String)

A unique number for the tile in the tileset. Default to the url of the tile.

contentState (String)

Indicate of the tile content state. Available options

  • UNLOADED: Has never been requested or has been destroyed.
  • LOADING: Is waiting on a pending request.
  • PROCESSING: Contents are being processed for rendering. Depending on the content, it might make its own requests for external data.
  • READY: All the resources are loaded and decoded.
  • FAILED: Request failed.
contentType (String)

One of

  • empty: does not have any content to render
  • render: has content to render
  • tileset: tileset tile
_selectionDepth (Number)

The depth of the tile in the traversal tree.

content (Object)

The tile's content.This represents the actual tile's payload.

type (String)

One of scenegraph, pointcloud, mesh

parent (Tile3D)

Parent of this tile.

refine (String)

Specifies the type of refine that is used when traversing this tile for rendering. Reference

  • ADD: high-resolution children tiles should be rendered in addition to lower-resolution parent tiles when level of details of parent tiles are not sufficient for current view.
  • REPLACEMENT: high-resolution children tiles should replace parent tiles when lower-resolution parent tiles are not sufficient for current view.
selected (Boolean)

Whether this tile is selected for rendering in current update frame and viewport. A selected tile should has its content loaded and satifies current viewport.

distanceToCamera (Number)

Distance from the tile's bounding volume center to the camera

screenSpaceError (Number)

Screen space error for LOD selection

tileset (Tileset3D)

The Tileset3D instance containing this tile.

header (Object)

The unprocessed tile header object passed in.



Destroy the tile node, including destroy all the metadata and unload content.


Load a content of the tile.


Unload a content of the tile.