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The module contains loader and writers for images that follow conventions and work under both node and browser.


npm install
npm install



Parsed Image API

Binary Image API

A set of functions that can extract information from "unparsed" binary memory representation of certain image formats. These functions are intended to be called on raw ArrayBuffer data, before the ImageLoader parses it and converts it to a parsed image type.

These functions are used internally to autodetect if image loader can be used to parse a certain ArrayBuffer, but are also available to applications.

| Function | Description | | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- | ----------- | --- | | isBinaryImage(imageData : ArrayBuffer [, mimeType : String]) : Boolean | | | getBinaryImageMIMEType(imageData : ArrayBuffer) : String | null | | | getBinaryImageSize(imageData : ArrayBuffer [, mimeType : String]) : Object | |

Parsed Image API

A set of functions to work with parsed images returned by the ImageLoader.

isImageTypeSupported(type : string) : booleanCheck if type is supported by current run-time environment
getDefaultImageType() : stringReturns the image type selected by default ( options.image.type: 'auto' in current run-time environment
isImage(image : any) : booleanChecks any JavaScript value to see if it is an image of a type that can work with
getImageType(image : any) : stringReturns the type name for this image.
getImageData(image : any) : objectReturns an image data object with a data array representing the pixels of an image

Image Types

To support image loading on older browsers and Node.js, the ImageLoader can return different types, i.e. different representations of the parsed image.

  • ImageBitmap - An ImageBitmap object represents a bitmap image that can be performantly painted to a canvas ("without undue latency"). Due to the signficant performance advantages, and the fact that ImageBitmap instances can be transferred efficiently between threads, ImageBitmap is the preferred parsed image representation in browsers, when available. Currently only available in Chrome and Firefox.
  • Image (aka HTMLImageElement) - The traditional HTML image class. Available in all browsers.
  • data - Raw binary memory representing the image pixels, typically in RGBA Uint8Array format. JavaScript computations can be done on this data. Also, Node.js texture creation functions in headless gl accept data images. and browser ImageData objects can be initialized with this data.

See ImageLoader for more details on options etc.