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Image Utilities

A small set of image utility functions functions intended to help write image handling code that works across platforms.

Background: The image returned by the ImageLoader depends on the environment, i.e. whether the application is running in a new or old browser, or under Node.js.


E.g., the getImageData method enables the application to get width, height and pixel data from an image returned by the ImageLoader in a platform independent way:

import {ImageLoader, getImageSize, getImageData} from ``;
import {load} from ``;

const image = await load(URL, ImageLoader);

// Get an image data object regardless of whether the image is already an `Image`, `ImageBitmap` or already an image data object
const imageData = getImageData(image);
console.log(imageData.width, imageData.height,;




getSupportedImageTypes(): Promise<Set<string>>

Returns a promise that resolves to a Set of MIME types that can parse on the current platform (depends on the current browser, or whether the app is running under Node.js).

This function is asynchronous which can be inconvenient to use. However, for technical reasons, asynchronous testing of supported image formats is significantly more reliable and is recommended in browsers.

A small caveat is that some formats like AVIF and WebP support different options in terms of bit-depths and packing and a specific browser may not support all combinations, this function just tests for basic image support.



isImageTypeSupported(mimeType : string): boolean
  • mimeType: value to test

Synchronously checks if an image type is supported.

Returns true if mimeType is one of the MIME types that can use on the current platform (depends on browser, or whether running under Node.js).

At this time, run-time checks for some recently added image formats such as AVIF (and to a lesser extent, WEBP) can not reliably be done in browsers using synchronous techniques. If your code allows for asynchronous calls, use getSupportedImageTypes() for the most accurate results.


isImage(image : any): boolean
  • image: An image returned by an image category loader, such as ImageLoader

Returns true if image is one of the types that can return.


getImageType(image : any): 'imagebitmap' | 'image' | 'data'

Returns the type of an image. Can be used when loading images with the default setting of options.type: 'auto' to discover what type was actually returned.

  • image: An image returned by an image category loader, such as ImageLoader


  • a string describing the type of the image.


  • if image is not of a recognized type.

The following image types are distinguished

Image TypeJavaScript TypeDescription
'data'A simple JavaScript object with data, width, height etc. fields..Useful when additional manipulation of the image data is desired. Always used in Node.js since ImageBitmap and Image types are not available.
'imagebitmap'ImageBitmapThe preferred new HTML5 image class that is optimized for fast rendering (avialble in modern browsers only)
'image'Image (aka HTMLImageElement)Fallback, supported in all browsers (but less performant and flexible than ImageBitmap)


getImageData(image : any): Object
  • image: An image returned by an image category loader, such as ImageLoader

Returns and image data object with the following fields

  • data typed array containing the pixels of the image
  • width
  • height


  • if image is not of a recognized type.