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Binary Image Utilities

Utilities to extract metadata such as image format (MIME type) and size (dimensions) from binary images without parsing the full image. Looks for format-specific headers in the encoded binary data (e.g. encoded JPEG or PNG images).

The format is reported using MIME types strings. Supported binary formats and their MIME types are:

FormatMIME Type


const response = await fetchFile(imageUrl);
const arrayBuffer = await response.arrayBuffer();

const metadata = getBinaryImageMetadata(arrayBuffer);
if (medata) {
const {width, height, mimeType} = metadata;


getBinaryImageMetadata(imageData: ArrayBuffer | DataView): object | null


  • imageData: Binary encoded image data.

Returns a metadata object describing the image. Returns null if the binary data does not represent a known binary image format.

mimeType: string;
width: number;
height: number;

If mimeType is supplied, assumes the image is of that type. If not supplied, first attempts to auto deduce the image format (see getImageMIMEType).