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  • - implementation
  • Draco3D - Open-source library for compressing and decompressing 3D geometric meshes and point clouds.

Use cases

While possible to use independently, Draco compression is primarily used to compress geometries in glTF files and also in tiled 3D formats such as 3D Tiles and I3S.

Supported Features

  • Supports meshes and point clouds.
Mesh TypeSupported

Draco Attribute Support

Attribute TypeDracoLoaderDracoWriterJS Type
DT_INT8 (1)Int8Array
DT_UINT8 (2)Uint8Array
DT_INT16 (3)Int16Array
DT_UINT16 (4)Uint16Array
DT_INT32 (5)Int32Array
DT_UINT32 (6)Uint32Array
DT_INT64 (7)Int64Array
DT_UINT64 (8)Uint64Array
DT_FLOAT32 (9)Float32Array
DT_FLOAT64 (10)Float64Array


  • Float64 and other 64 bit formats are not valid for glTF geometry attributes, These are normally only used for "extra" attributes. 64 bit attributes can appear when converting LAS files with metadata to glTF or 3D Tiles, see CesiumJS blog
  • ignores unsupported attributes.

Draco Metadata Support

  • Metadata dictionaries are available both on the mesh and also on each attribute.
  • Supports all Draco metadata field types, including:
Metadata FieldSupported